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I know, it’s been a while. I don’t know if anyone is reading this, but if you are, I have been somewhat busy with school lately (exams coming up, the usual drill) and I have found myself without time to write something proper for this blog.
I hope I can get back here and update things end of June. 

My Dear Mother

Buying flowers would be too much work to
get them in here safely
Chocolates would be gone before they
Reach you safely
I thought of buying a record but
Which one? Can’t say safely
That leaves making things myself.
You know how good I am at making things, so
The only things I CAN make are texts
In this case, a lame excuse for a poem.
We had a hard time, you more then me
Not to mention number three
At times we’re more then you can handle
But you handle us either way.
I’m grateful for that and the same shit
You do every day.
So I’m sorry I didn’t show up with anything better then this.
It’s got my love and know that it is
Something I did with gratitude
For all you do for us.
I love you and I
Thank you

Thank you

Love’s a Drug

Love is brilliant
Love is fantastic
Love is everything
for those who have it

Love’s a drug
love is opium
When love is gone
Life becomes odium

love has steered away
and life is eating hope
without love at my side
I don’t know how to cope

Love’s a drug
Love is opium
When love is gone
Life becomes odium

I’m feeling a withdrawal
A pain, a raging hunger
A thirst, a vain search for more
love, as my heart thunders
and tears my chest asunder
burns my lungs to ashes
I’m feeling a withdrawal
I feel I need your love

Cause love is a drug
Oh, love is opium
And since your love is gone
My life became odium
Yes, love is a drug
Yes, love is an opium

and my shot is ages overdue.


I am man

I am the rock that stands in the undertow.
I am strength for those that weaken.
I watch over those that need protection.
And in doing so, I give myself.

I am woman

I am in love with all that cares.
I am gentle to the kind.
I want the world to feel love.
And in doing so, I give myself.

I am both

Best of two genders combined.
And worse of both are with me.
My soul is Andros and Gyne together.
But my body only can have one.
And in feeling this, I search for myself.

I am neither

I never have been a real boy.
A girl I never will be.
Now I’m at the dawn of my maturity.
And in knowing this, I lose myself.

With time as my companion and faith in my own zeal.
I must go on and search for truth.
And on each day I fight for the love I do not have.
And on each day, I ask myself.

Who am I?

A Tomcat’s Paper Mattress

You are aging, I can see it in your fur.
Some hairs, once black as night, like the others are now gleaming white.
When I run my hand over your belly a hint of silver appears
And lingers
For a moment, right before it’s gone again.
You used to be king, sleeping only on our best pillows,
Coming back from your glorious hunt, feathers still trapped in your fur.
But now you eat only what we feed you, and you are content to take
My open books as your paper mattress.
Had I written this a year ago, you would be playing with my pencil, but now
You just curl your paws as I use it to scratch behind your ears.
I remember the time you would hop behind butterflies in the summer months,
But now summers are too warm for you and you prefer the cool shade inside,
Where you sleep on your paper mattress.
Yes, my friend, you are aging, like time does to all things in due time.

In due time.


Realization struck me hard as I realized I am lonely
Who understands me, who ever will?
Who is now here with me?
Who will stay with me? 

I am cold, who will warm me?
I am sick, who will treat me?
I am sad, who will comfort me?
I am misery…
Who will carry me?
I am alone 

Who will care for me?

Who will watch over me, as I cry myself to sleep?

A wolf’s love

In the darkness of the night, 
you are my moon, shining bright 
as a beacon guiding me, giving me strength. 
And you I follow.

Follow to the end of time,
where I am yours and the world is mine
for me to do as you please, so please, blessed star.
Sacred moon, take me as your own.
For I am yours if you do for me but one thing:
Love me as I love you, and I’ll love if you so wish,
For the part of eternity my heart beats, I will love you