Not a new beginning.

To whoever may read this.

I am Tyranna. Although this is not my real name, it’s all you will get. I have found that my name is rarely pronounced correctly by most in English. If ‘Tyranna’ is too difficult, Ty will do as well.

Regardless. Things have not been going very well in my life. It has been suggested to me to write down my feelings in a journal. Originally I did, but I was lacking feedback. Hence this. I will copy my journal (it’s not that much, yet) in here for anyone to read and to comment on.
I will also post whatever poem or lyrics or unrelated line of thought I have written, for your potential reading pleasure and feedback.
I am horrible when it comes to deadlines, so I will update this when I see it fit.

Things you should know: I have gender dysphoria. Biologically I am male, but there is a very real possibility that I am transsexual. If this is the case, I am also a lesbian, and have been single for over a year. My poems mainly go about this latest topic. If they are addressed to someone, it is usually a girl. Sometimes a real girl, who shall always stay anonymous, sometimes not.
Other possible subjects are the uncertainty of my gender, and time. I don’t know why, but it fascinates me.

If you are prude, then I advice you to leave. I write what I feel, how I feel it and, if possible, why. I will not refrain from using what some may consider questionable language when I see it fit to use.

If this doesn’t bother you, however, I wish you a pleasant stay.

Yours truly,

6 thoughts on “Not a new beginning.

  1. Aether says:

    I hope you find that this blog helps. 🙂

  2. Alc says:

    Ofcourse it will.

    It’s always good to write down your feelings, but bare note that pruning bad comments may become tiresome after a while. Good thing people don’t go on this place all too often, else you’d have a heap of critics on your neck. But even if most people won’t be pleased with the poems you write, some will gradually comment it well. I think you know that. Had any negative comments before?

    Say will this profit you btw?


  3. tyranna says:

    No profit. I’m doing this for my personal ‘entertainment’.

    As for people coming here, I only made it public a few days ago. And I welcome any comment that isn’t spam or insulting.

  4. Alc says:

    Expect insulting ones later on. It’s sorta inevitable.

    BTW that’s just my opinion on these kinda volunteer works. It’s hard work and it don’t really bring earnings, only your friends compliment you, when you know they already love you. In today’s world you need material balance, you know that.

  5. Fran says:

    Vergeef me dat ik in het Nederlands schrijf. Het gaat me iets makkelijker af.
    Ik wens je heelveel persoonlijk genoegen aan je blog.
    Zoals Alc al aangaf, je openstellen kan warme knuffels opleveren,
    maar net zoveel koude douches.
    Ik wens je veel van het eerste, en weinig van het laatste soort!

    En verder wens ik je eveneens veel gender euforia.
    Dysforia is per definitie nooit leuk, he.

    Kortom, een mooi initiatief dat ik alleen maar kan toejuichen.

    Groetjes, en warme knuf,


  6. tyranna says:

    Most appreciated.
    To all who don’t understand what Fran said:

    “Forgive me for writing in Dutch. I find it a tad easier.
    I wish you a lot of personal pleasure with your blog.
    As Alc already said, opening yourself up can give you a lot of warm hugs,
    but also just as much cold showers.
    I wish you a lot of the former, and few of the latter!

    And beyond that, I wish you a lot of gender euforia.
    Dysforia is never a fun thing per definition, right?

    In short, a great initiative that I can only applaud.

    Greetings and a warm hug,


    As for the cold showers, I can learn of the negative criticism on the structure and so on of my poems. Negative remarks about me personally are usually ignored, or challenged.

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