My Dear Mother

Buying flowers would be too much work to
get them in here safely
Chocolates would be gone before they
Reach you safely
I thought of buying a record but
Which one? Can’t say safely
That leaves making things myself.
You know how good I am at making things, so
The only things I CAN make are texts
In this case, a lame excuse for a poem.
We had a hard time, you more then me
Not to mention number three
At times we’re more then you can handle
But you handle us either way.
I’m grateful for that and the same shit
You do every day.
So I’m sorry I didn’t show up with anything better then this.
It’s got my love and know that it is
Something I did with gratitude
For all you do for us.
I love you and I
Thank you

Thank you


2 thoughts on “My Dear Mother

  1. Aether says:

    Well constructed.

  2. Alc says:

    Did your mother like this? I know you wrote it for her (duh go me), anyway yes tis the purpouse that matters. Nice work.

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