Realization struck me hard as I realized I am lonely
Who understands me, who ever will?
Who is now here with me?
Who will stay with me? 

I am cold, who will warm me?
I am sick, who will treat me?
I am sad, who will comfort me?
I am misery…
Who will carry me?
I am alone 

Who will care for me?

Who will watch over me, as I cry myself to sleep?

4 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Jenneh says:

    Omg Ty!!! you did a poem site 😀 KICK ASS 😀

    And your answer is “me and kelleh” obviously

    ly ❤ xx

  2. Alc says:

    *coughs* am here as a pal too. Sorta.

    You alone, Ty? :/

  3. tyranna says:

    I felt sort of really crap when I wrote that (somewhere around Christmas). I actually cried myself to sleep that night…

  4. Alc says:

    Had that as well. Hurts to eject emotions dunit?

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