Like you

I wrote this poem a while ago because at the time this was for me the only way I could express my feelings for a girl I really liked…

She said no, by the way, but that doesn’t make her any less awesome.

Anyway, I should’ve posted this one earlier, but I, er, forgot.

Hey you,

How do you do?
I just wanted to tell you…
I love your hair, and…
I really like your laugh
And I know you don’t really know me.
And I know I don’t really know you.
I like the way you think,
And I like the way the world seems to shrink to the here and now,
whenever you’re near and how you make me feel easy and content.
And I’d like to spend more time with you.
Because you see…
I like you. I really do…
I think…

And I don’t know how, and I don’t know why,
And I don’t know if I should even try.
But there’s something that makes me keep on thinking about you.
Something fine… something true…
And if you don’t feel the same way I do,
then that’s fine for me too.
As long as you don’t cast me aside,
like a piece of trash, or a shoe too wide.
What we have now is fine for me too
I just don’t want to lose someone as special as you
And deep down you know that’s true.
You do… it’s true…
I just wanted to tell you.
I think I like you…
I do.
I really do.

3 thoughts on “Like you

  1. Alcedo says:

    Few typos 😛

    Been a while since you posted some fine romantics. This is yet another.


    Alc is still thinking about you and wish we would talk…

  2. tyranna says:

    Typos? Like?

  3. Alcedo says:

    Final Verse, row 8: thrash -> trash

    Final Verse, row 10: loose -> lose (but I see you fixed that)


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