Right. Decided to try something new.

Every once in a while, when I remember to do so, I might write here about random stuff that’s on my mind. I can’t promise you if it’ll be exciting, funny, or even remotely interesting, but neither will I worry about that. That’s your job.

My job is to find pointless stuff to rant about. Like… drinking milk out of the carton.
Yeah. Let’s start there. The world’s fucked up as it is anyway.
On a sidenote: I do would like to warn you that I indeed use words like ‘fuck’ and derivatives. I like to think that this does not make me a horrible person.

Anyway. Milk cartons. Many people believe that drinking milk out of the carton is bad, especially if said carton has yet to be used by other milk-drinkers, because it would spread germs. I called bullshit on this since I was 12 (about 8 years ago. I’m almost 20, so we can have the ‘guess-her-age’ games done with. This also means that any possible creepy pedophile person may pack up and go hunt elsewhere. And shave that beard, will ya?) and drank anyway. Why? Well, for one, it’s a whole lot easier. You take the carton. If it’s got a special open/close flap thingy you open the thingy, and you drink. Then you close the thingy again, and you put the carton away again. Drinking out of a glass involves getting out, filling and getting rid of a glass as well. Worse, you have to clean the glass, needlessly wasting time, energy, clean water and dishwasher. Drinking milk out of the carton isn’t just easy. It’s also good for the environment, and for your pocket money.
As for the argument that it spreads germs, this is basically a good thing. Yes, it’s true that drinking milk from a carton someone already drank from makes you swallow germs that are unknown to your body. However, these germs do not have the numbers to pose a threat. And your body now has the chance to analyze the germs after they viciously massacred them, allowing it to make anti-bodies against this kind of germ, meaning that you are now protected against more kinds of germs when a big wave does hit you.
Trading saliva is one of the best ways of arming yourself against diseases. And we do this already to the people who are dearly close to us – or random strangers after we drank a bit too much. Only we don’t call it ‘trading saliva’. We call it ‘kissing’.
So drinking out of the carton is pretty much a form of kissing people you are comfortable enough with to be near the same carton of milk they use, but not close enough to put your tongue in their mouth.
Ofcourse, if you don’t like milk, or are lactose intolerant, the same is true for just about any beverage that requires several ‘goes’ before a container of it is empty.
As for you hygiene freaks out there: phuh.

In other news, during today’s class of Early Modern History, Charles of Spain, Austria, the Netherlands and Burgundy won an election and became Holy Roman Emperor. His contenders were King Henry the Umpteenth of England and King Francis of France.
Yeah. Francis of France. French…
Anyway. Charles did keep his promise of being a not-aggressive emperor in that he didn’t invade France, like Francis feared he would. He did attack an ally of France, east of the Netherlands because they ‘were close to my domain, and it was infringing the Netherlands’ sovereignty’, or some shit like that. Anyway. Kudos on the not invading France bit. When I played Empire: Total War as the British, the first thing I did was conquering the shit out of France. Why? I needed their American colonies, and could do without the mess of a European war. Ok, Spain wants my guts on a silver platter because of it, but they’re just Spanish, right? Killed all of their smart women in the Inquisitions, cutting out half their smart genes?
I can say this, cause I’m talking about a computer game. Means it’s not real.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight. It’s 22.47 at the moment. That’s, er, European mainland time. That’s 21.47 GMT. I neither know nor care what time that is in which state of the US.
Thank you for reading, if you indeed bothered. I hope you enjoyed it. Comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


12 thoughts on “30/09/09

  1. Jenny says:

    Hehe! I love drinking milk out the carton. It tastes so much better as well. And you feel slightly evil at end like if its in the middle of the night and its a sneak drink. Great feeling.
    Also when people are at parties or out drinking a bottle of booze gets passed around so much but I know some people who will happily do that but freak out if you drink from a cola bottle and then offer them a drink. It’s so annoying.

    I loved the comment about pedos to go and shave their beards.

    Keep up the writing ❤

  2. Alcedo says:


    Trading germs… well I guess that’s one way of putting it. I dunno if any of my biologist colledge mates would dare to argue about that topic, but most think that only viruses or sickness-spreaders do that, not germs. Seeing as their knowlegde isnt that broad or not even close to being open, it might be easy to say that you’re right. However, sometimes germs go undetected by some organisms, I know that much. For instance, I know a guy who has lots of kisses with random girls/women and never wants to drink out of anyone else’s bottle or such. For reasons unknown, though, I’m afraid.

    @Jenneh, sneak drinks are nothing. Taking your midnight snack while you know you just really shouldn’t, now THATS evil 😛 But yeh we dont drink milk in carton here, but some of those plastic, rubberized small bags. Cause we have a holder for it and everything. Yada, yada, yada… I drink from that anytime I feel like it xD

    Keep up the impressive writing.

    P.s.: I’m thinking about making a blog too… about stuff. Any interest? rofl

  3. Sil says:

    @Alcedo, It’s because trading saliva is more fun and socially empowering than drinking out of a carton of milk. Half the time you get a ewww don’t do that (with milk).

    Ty! Random stuff is good! It’s interesting hehe. As a sidenote, I have Empire too, but sigh I seldom get time to do anything. Maybe I should invade france for kicks.

  4. Mycroft says:

    Interesting concept, though I don’t really know why the bit about history is dangling at the end O.o

    Anyhoo, keep it up.

  5. Alcedo says:

    *different IP*

    @Sil, around here kissing is generally a thing some people actually consider gross. :S I haven’t had much experience about that (kissing) fyi but that’s beside the point. The connection behind it all is what matters to me. Sad to say most people just wanna get their tongues into someone else’s cheek. Le sigh. Let them drink lots of milk from cartons, good training rofl.

    Everybody is different, I know…

  6. Chuck Anumia says:

    *Hugs Virtual Daughter*

    Swapping germs with those you know is one thing (and those who use your milk you should know) so I suppose you do have a point.
    Unfortunately, we have little ones in the house and their imune systems are not developed enough yet to fight the germs the rest of us carry.
    So sippy cups and glasses are the rule in our house.
    They may accidentally catch a germ or two from grandma’s or Papa’s kisses but then they are so darn cute we have to do it.
    So maybe they are getting the germs anyways and drinking out of the carton would not change anything.
    Thanks for giving me another view point to came at this question with.
    I am sure that when My wife and I FINALLY get the kids and grandkids out of the house it will definately not be an issue for us anymore 😉

    My wife goes to Spain nearly every year to work at a camp teaching English to Spanish Kids. She is the camp nurse (She is an RN with a masters Degree in Nursing). If I went, I would help the camp cooks 😀 Those Spanish kids are RUDE!
    Have a great day,

  7. Sil says:

    Hmm, there was a time way back when we all thought kissing was gross and so on, but now that I’m old… young… not as young as before, kissing is just the thing you do to share your emotions without the use of words. I sound like a sappy romance novel reader, but that’s the way it goes. About that… I did get an idea for a romantic novel that’s running around in my head and… cough, anyways.

    For the record, I really hate it when my significant others (when I’m not single) drink from the milk carton ;~;

    We are soooo spamming Ty’s comments.

  8. tyranna says:

    Spam all you want, makes me feel read. ^^

  9. Fio says:

    Mwaha, I loved the milk rant, so true.

  10. Alcedo says:

    You know, basically it doesn’t matter how you drink milk as long as you drink it. I put that blatantly, I know, but it’s trivial.

    Anyways, trading saliva isn’t (imho) and it still puzzles me a bit. Nobody has the intention of kissing just so they can build resistances to swine flu (lol) and whatnot, but if you look at it abstractly, it DOES make sense. What your organs and immune system can’t do, your boy/girlfriend or insignificant other, who had mouth contact with you recently, will do the job for you! It’s a classic way of symbiosis!

    @Chuck, I never looked at this question from an offspring point of view. Most babies have frequent contact with their holders/parents/keepers and it’s not surprising to see them grow similar immunities. For instance – I know this might be inherited only – my father was always an indomnitable struggler and Mr. Fixit, and he never got ill, never got badly sick. The only problems he ever got were mere physical injuries. Saying so, he sometimes got some spit in his face (yeh I know -_-) or germs here or there during sport. And as far as I know, he traded saliva often. Now… when I look at myself, I found that almost every kiss I had, got me in a much better condition than usual, and not just moodwise. It enhanced my appetite as well.

    Having said that, I think it’s time to drink some milk… out of a carton XD

    P.s.: Yell at me if I went the wrong way… it’s 22:49 here.

  11. Alcedo says:

    The time in the post sig. was a BIG FRAGGIN’ HINT btw 😛 (soz for double post)

  12. Lobi says:

    I knew there was some great excuse for drinking out of the carton.
    Read: I was going to do it anyway, so meh.

    Plus, thanks to Ty and a few RL friends, oh, and Sil, I’ve decided to start my own, on random rants…

    So yeah, thanks. 😀

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