30/03/10 Addendum

I just got hold of the album Epica from Kamelot (the album the band Epica is named after). I used to have a few tracks of this album on my PC back when it was still mine and, you know, working, and listening to this brings back so much memories.
I’m still surprised I know all the lyrics from the tracks I had back then. Like, by heart and shit.

Didn’t quite listen to death metal, but to this. Happy memories do a pretty good brain-cleansing job after a Cullen overload (you know, any exposure to Cullen?)

3 thoughts on “30/03/10 Addendum

  1. Mycroft says:

    *sparkle spark-* THWACK!
    also: if he’s made of diamonds, would that mean he’d shatter if you hit him hard enough with a blunt hammer (as diamonds do, contrary to popular belief)?

  2. Tyranna says:

    If I cared one bit about his well-being, I wouldn’t want to hit him with a hammer, now would I?
    ‘sides, I would hope ‘Rine’s claws don’t file under the ‘blunt hammer’ category.
    But seriously, as long as his vertebrae are intact, I couldn’t care less. I really want my sparkle-fairy necklace.

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