My day at the hospital

Yesterday (or two days ago, depending on when this goes up), I went to the hospital to finally start my hormone treatment (yayzers!). I was also subjected to some tests to see what my body is like now, so it can be compared to what it’ll look like in about a year. Here’s a few interesting things I’ve learned while there:

-Watching the train you just ran your lungs out to catch ride away never stops sucking.
-I weigh 57 kilograms and measure 174 centimeters. This means my BMI is 18.8. Everything below 18.5 is underweight, so I’m officially no longer underweight.
-My right hand is stronger than my left hand, even though I am left-handed. Which was kinda weird.
-Questionnaires are still boring. Vital to researchers, but boring.
-5 centiliter of blood looks like a lot if spread over 16 vials. Also, having a needle punctured in the inside of your elbow for two straight hours kinda hurts after a bit.
-Sugar water tastes kinda good. I would’ve liked a sip of regular water to wash down the after-taste, though.
-There is a large amount of young, attractive women working in Belgian hospitals. I noticed this several years ago, when I had an accident, and needed to get my upper teeth repaired, but it again became apparent here. This is not just the psychologist I visit about once a month, or the doctor in charge of my tests. About three quarters of women in white coats I saw were young (younger than 35) and attractive (by my standards, at least). And this was not counting the students, who wear different coats. And yes, I did start paying attention to this after about half an hour.
-My bone mass is below average. This means I shouldn’t be partaking in  contact sports. So much for my sword-fighting lesson plans.
-To help fix this, there are three things I can do: consume more dairy products, get more sunlight, and get more exercise. Swimming is, apparently, the least advised form, because of the posture you adopt. Riding a bike is better, but the best are walking and running.
-Ever had a situation that looks a bit like this: you’re under a scanner, and the person in charge leaves for a moment. The scanner stops, without the person returning, and you’re not sure if it’s okay for you to get up and get dressed, or if you’re supposed to wait. I chose the latter first, and remained down for about five minutes, without any sign of the doctor returning. Then I figured that if more scans were due, she’d be back by now, got up and got dressed. Almost immediately after, I was told I wasn’t supposed to get dressed yet and that more scans of specific parts of my skeleton were forthcoming. So… yeah. There’s a reason you feel doubt in a situation like that, apparently.
-Other than the bone thing, I am in -excellent- health. There was nothing the doctor could remark that was off about me, given my physique. Nothing I didn’t know already. Other than an annual upper-back pain and a tendency to catch the sniffles more easily than most, my only problems have been emotional for the longest time.

All in all, a very interesting day. Also, I have pills. Yay!

One thought on “My day at the hospital

  1. Brainiac says:

    All things considered, this seems like one of the more interesting and entertaining hospital-visits you could have. That’s not saying much, but I’m happy for you anyway.

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