[Poetry] Three Wishes of Strength

Strength through thought

Think before you speak. Think before you act.
Consider all the options, all opinions and facts.
Think because it’s needed, think because it’s fun.
Think to know when to stand and fight and when to turn and run.
But while you’re thinking, remember such:
The one thing as dangerous as thinking too little, is thinking way too much.

Strength through honesty

Honesty, in all things.
Honesty to friends. Honesty to foes.
Honesty to the world, and all the hate and love it holds.
But above all else, honesty to you.
For if you yourself with lies must soothe, what good is gifting others with the truth?

Strength through choice

Choose to live the dreams you dream.
Choose to be the one you are.
Choose your beauty among things you gleam.
Choose to go near or far.
Choose your path, your life, your tastes. Choose them yourself, or leave them to waste.

Stay strong. Always.

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