[poetry] Survive

I will

I will find a way

A way to escape.

I will cling to myself, as my prison slowly collapses around me
and erodes away.

I will drive the spear of dread through the heart of liberty and free humankind from her tyranny.
I will fight off the closed-minded masses with the sword of wisdom, slaughter and teach millions about virtue, kindness,
and mortality.
I will shatter Atlas’ bones with Thor’s hammer and watch the skies collapse.
I will ride with the four Horsemen and usher in the end of times.
I will sacrifice my neverborn children on the pyre of my unmarried wives, as my gift to Astarte and Lucina, and watch as the flames eat away the flesh from my bones.

But I will not

I will press on. I will hold on.
Until I am the last person with ears to hear the screams.
Until I am the final human with a nose to smell the rot.
Until I am the only one with eyes
to watch
the whole world


But I will

2 thoughts on “[poetry] Survive

  1. Wow. That.. was amazing.

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